Ben Stokes’s age, wife and cricket world

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Ben Stokes’s full name is Benjamin Andrew Stokes. He plays as an all-rounder for England He bowls right-handed and bats left-handed. He played three formats, Test ODI and T20. His role in the England team that won the 2019 Cricket World Cup was substantial. He scored the highest score in England’s innings in the final match. 

Age and height

   He was born on 4 June 1991 in Christchurch, New Zealand. His height is 6 ft (183 cm). 


Ben Stokes’s father Gerald Stokes, was a Rugby star for New Zealand.  His mother’s name is Deb Stokes. 

Early life

Ben Stokes got the spirit and passion for cricket from his mother who was also a cricketer. Stokes’ father played for England’s Working Dong rugby club. During a match the bone of the middle finger of his hand was dislocated Then he started playing with tape on two fingers. Due to the financial crisis, Stokes’ father amputated both his fingers without surgery. When Ben Stock was 12, his father’s old rugby club, England, offered him the head coach position. His father then moved to England from New Zealand and Stoke remained here. 

        Ben Stokes also played rugby but had no interest in rugby. To make a career in this cricket, he was admitted to Cooker Mouth School, England. And started playing cricket for the Cooker Mouth Cricket Club. By the year 2006, Ben Stokes had become famous. As a 15-year-old he played well in the North Lancashire and Cumbria Premier League. After that Ben Stokes’ parents returned to their home in New Zealand but Ben Stokes stayed in England. Then his domestic career started.

Domestic cricket

      In 2009 under-19 Test cricket, Stokes scored 50 runs against Bangladesh in two matches and led the team to a good position. The following year, he scored a century against the Indian team in the U-19 World Cup. He played as an all-rounder and by the end of the decade, his place was reflected in England’s international cricket. In 2010, Ben Stokes played first-class cricket for Durham against NCC. Here too he scored fifty runs, Due to injuries to some of Durham’s players, Ben Stokes continued to play. His continued good performances led to his name being discussed by the England National Cricket Board.

Selection England International team

    In 2011, he was selected for England’s national team against Ireland. His performance here was not very good. On 5 December 2013, he performed well against Australia in a Test series. At the end of this series, he scored 279 runs and took 15 wickets. And then his big career in cricket started.


Ben Stokes has played in all formats including Test ODIs and T20Is. He has records in all formats. Of course, he plays as an all-rounder. 

Test cricket

He has performed well in Test cricket with bat and ball.

Batting records

Session 2013-2023
Matches 97
Innings 175
Runs 6117
Not out 7
Height Score 258
Average 36.41
Stritct rate 59.18
100s 13
50s 30
0s 14
4s 716
6s 124

 Bowling records

Session 2013-2023
Matches 97
Innings 146
Overs 1911.5
Mdns 343
Runs 6318
Wickets 197
Average 32.07
Econ 3.30
Strict rate 58.2


One day International

Batting records

Session 2011-2023
Matches 114
Innings 99
Runs 3463
Not out 15
Height Score 182
Average 41.22
Stritct rate 95.68
100s 5
50s 24
0s 7
4s 282
6s 109

Bowling records

Session 2011-2013
Matches 114
Innings 88
Overs 518.2
Mdns 8
Runs 3137
Wickets 74
Average 42.39
Econ 6.05
Strict rate 42.00


T20 International

Batting records

Session 2011-2022
Matches 43
Innings 36
Runs 585
Not out 9
Height Score 52
Average 21.66
Stritct rate 128.00
100s 0
50s 1
0s 1
4s 42
6s 22

Bowling records

Session 2011-2022
Matches 43
Innings 36
Overs 102.0
Mdns 1
Runs 856
Wickets 26
Average 32.92
Econ 8.39
Strict rate 23.5




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