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David Warner’s full name is David Andrew Warner, is an Australian international Cricketer.  Left-handed opener batsman. He plays very well for the country. He has expertise in Test, ODI, and T20. He is also an excellent fielder. He captained the country. He also plays in other franchise leagues. 



  David Warner was born on 27 October 1986 in Paddington, Sydney, Australia. His height is 170 cm (5 ft 7 in). 


   His father is Howard Warner. According to Stars Unfolded, his family’s financial condition was weak. His mother Lorraine Warner worked as a nurse. Also, he has an elder brother Steven Warner. 


   David Warner is married to Candice, a retired Australian professional ironwoman, and surf lifesaver. They got married in 2015. Candice has appeared on several Australian TV shows.

  He has three daughters, 1st Ivy Mae the eldest one. She has regularly attended her father’s IPL matches at the stadium. 2nd is Indi Rae has earned the cricket fans’ attention with her batting skills. 3rd is Isla Rose has been a part of the Warner family’s Tik Tok videos on social media. Her parents have regularly shared her cute pictures on Instagram.


   At 13 years old, his coach asked him to switch to right-handed batting because he kept hitting the ball in the air. However, his mother, Lorraine Warner, encouraged him to return to left-handed batting and he broke the under-16 run record for the Sydney Coastal Cricket Club. He then made his A-grade debut for the Eastern Suburbs club at 15. Warner studies at Matraville Public School and Randwick Boys High School.

   On 29 November 2008, Warner scored his first domestic ODI century for New South Wales, scoring 165* against Tasmania at the Hurstville Oval in Sydney. This run gave him the record for the highest one-day score by a Blues player. In the reverse fixture at Hobart, he missed the record for the fastest century in Australian domestic cricket by 97 runs off 54 balls.

  Warner made his first-class debut for New South Wales in the final match of the 2008–2009 Sheffield Shield season against Western Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Batted only once and scored 42 off 48 balls at number six.

   While playing for New South Wales, Warner broke Australia’s record for the highest domestic one-day score. He scored 197 runs off just 141 balls and included 20 fours and 10 sixes, surpassing Jimmy Maher’s previous record of 187.

 In the same year 2009, He has selected the Australian international team in a T20 against South Africa. 


David Warner has played Tests, ODI, and T20 all three former. He also plays in other franchise leagues. He has a record of everything. 


Session  2011-2022
Matches 96
Innings 176
Not out 8
Runs  7817
Highest Score  335
Average 46.52
Strict rate 71.29
100s 24
50s 34
0s 11
4s 926
6s 62

All test records  


34th                     Most run in a career (7817)
10th                      Most runs in an innings (335*)
23rd                     Most run in a match (335)
34th                     Most run in a calendar year (1317)
5th                       Most runs in an innings (by batting position) (335*)
7th                       Most runs in a day (244)
16th                      Highest strike rate in an innings (214.28)
24th                      Most hundreds in a career (24)
5th                        Most triple hundreds in a career (1)
6th                        Most hundreds in a calendar year (6)
5th                       Hundreds in consecutive innings (3)
32nd                    Most fifties in a career (58)
7th                        Fifties in consecutive innings (6)
15th                      Fifties in consecutive matches (8)
26th                     Most sixes in a career (62)
30th                     Most fours in a career (926)
18th                      Most fours in an innings (39)
26th                     Most run from fours and sixes in an innings (162)
30th                     Fastest to 3000 runs (66)
17th                      Fastest to 4000 runs (84)
28th                      Fastest to 5000 runs (109)
24th                      Fastest to 6000 runs (129)
22nd                     Fastest to 7000 runs (151)
8th                       Most catches in a match (6)
35th                     Highest partnerships for any wicket (361)
8th                       Highest partnership for the second wicket (361)
48th                     Most consecutive matches for a team (55)
25th                     Most player-of-the-series awards (4)


Session 2009-2022
Matches 138
Innings 136
Not out 0
Runs 5799
Highest Score  179
Average 44.60
Strict rate 95.01
100s 18
50s 26
0s 3
4s 618
6s 89


27th                     Most run in an innings (179)
28th                     Most run in a series (647)
16th                     Most run in a calendar year (1388)
6th                      Most runs in a match on the losing side (173)
36th                    Highest career batting average (44.60)
17th                     Most hundreds in a career (18)
5th                       Most hundreds in a series (3)
2nd                     Most hundreds in a calendar year (7)
40th                    Most hundreds against one team (4)
12th                     Highest maiden hundred (163)
8th                       Hundred in the hundredth match (124)
34th                     Most nineties in a career (4)
1st                         Dismissed for 99 (and 199, 299, etc) (99)
16th                     Most consecutive innings without a duck (80)
14th                      Fewest ducks in a career (45.33)
47th                      Most sixes in a career (89)
45th                      Most fours in a career (618)
4th                         Most fours in an innings (24)
40th                       Most run from fours and sixes in an innings (106)
2nd                       Highest percentage of runs in a completed inning (66.66)
25th                       Fastest to 3000 runs (81)
6th                         Fastest to 4000 runs (93)
4th                         Fastest to 5000 runs (115)
8th                         Highest partnerships for any wicket (284)
5th                         Highest partnership for the first wicket (284)
5th                         Highest partnership for the second wicket (260)
46th                       Most player-of-the-match awards (17)


Session 2009-2022
Matches  99
Innings 99
Not out 11
Runs 2894
Highest Score 100
Average 32.88
Strict rate 141.30
100s 1
50s 24
0s 6
4s 295
6s 105


7th                        Most runs in a career (2894)
26th                      Most run in a match on the losing side (90*)
41st                       Most run on a single ground (351)
43rd                      Highest career batting average (32.88)
7th                         Most runs in debut match (89)
4th                         Most fifties in a career (25)
7th                         Fifties in consecutive innings (3)
16th                      Most consecutive innings without a duck (48)
31st                       Most ducks in a career (6)
11th                       Most sixes in a career (105)
7th                        Most fours in a career (295)
9th                        Highest percentage of runs in a completed inning (65.69)
25th                      Fastest to 1000 runs (37)
12th                      Fastest to 2000 runs (73)
6th                       Fastest to 2500 runs (87)
4th                        Most catches in a career (56)
20th                      Most catch in an innings (3)
21st                       Highest partnerships for any wicket (161)
29th                      Highest partnership for the second wicket (124)
3rd                        Highest partnership for the fourth wicket (161)
20th                       Most match in a career (99)
34th                        Most consecutive matches for a team (39)
4th                          Most player-of-the-match awards (11)
3rd                         Most player-of-the-series awards (4)
25th                       Longest careers (13y 297


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