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     Glenn Maxwell, Full name is Glenn James Maxwell. He is an International cricketer, who played for the Australia National cricket team. He is a Right-handed middle-order batsman and right-handed off-break bowler and is called an all-rounder. He plays well as a hitter batsman.

glenn mawell


Maxwell was born on 14 October 1988 in Kew, Victoria. And his height is 182 cm (6ft).


glenn maxwell wife

    Glenn Maxwell’s wife’s name is Vini Raman. Vinny Raman is a pharmacist, born and raised in Melbourne. She was From South Indian, Hindu family. In 2019, Glenn Maxwell rose to fame after attending the Australian Cricket Awards hand in hand with his girlfriend. His favorite pastimes include swimming, traveling, and watching live matches from the stadium.  


Glenn Maxwell’s father’s name is Neil Maxwell, mother’s name is Joy Maxwell.

 He has one brother and one sister. His brother’s name is Daniel Maxwell, and his sister’s name is  Lisa Maxwell.


    Maxwell was selected in first-class cricket for Victoria against NSW in 2010–11. In that match, he took 38 runs, two wickets, and two catches. He then scored a 19-ball 51 against Tasmania in the Ryobi Cup. It was the fastest half-century in Australian domestic one-day cricket.

   He was then Man of the Series against South Australia in two matches with 233 and 403 runs and three catches. In two matches against Queensland, he scored 38 and 61, which were the highest scores of the innings.

  In the 2011 Emerging Players Tournament, Maxwell scored 59 runs off 23 balls in a game against India and then scored 110 off 52 balls against South Africa.

    Maxwell started the 2011–12 season well. He had a good batting record with 92 runs against New South Wales. Maxwell took 2 wickets for 30 runs and 3 wickets for 36 runs in the two matches against Tasmania but did not make good runs with the bat. He had a good batting performance against Western Australia, he scored 61 and 72 and took two wickets. In the second Victoria-WA cricket, he scored 43 and 0 and took two wickets. Maxwell scored 26 and 43 against New South Wales.


      In 2012, Maxwell was selected for Australia’s one-day international against Afghanistan in the United Arab Emirates. In the first match, he scored 2 runs and took 0 wickets. In his second ODI match, against Pakistan, he scored 38 runs off 38 balls, helping Australia win by 5 wickets and 121 runs. His cricket career started from there.


Maxwell players in all formats test, one day,  and t20.  Also, he plays well at a good batting strict rate. 


 Maxwell is a right-handed middle-order batsman. And off break bowler Here all the batting records are followed-

Session 2013-2017
Matches 7
Innings 14
Runs 339
Not out 1
Highest score  104
Average 26.07
Strict rate 59.47
100s 1
50s 0
0s 0
4s 33
6s 7
Session 2013-2017
Matches 7
Innings 9
Overs 77
Mdns 4
Runs 341
Wicket 8
BBI 4/127
BBM 4/127
Average 42.62
Economic 4.42
Strict rate 57.7



Maxwell plays well in ODI matches as a finisher batsman and off-break bowler.

Session 2012-2022
Matches 127
Innings 116
Runs 3482
Not out 14
Highest score  108
Average 34.13
Strict rate 124.98
100s 2
50s 23
0s 9
4s 332
6s 128
Session 2012-2012
Matches 127
Innings 100
Overs 539.2
Runs 3007
Wicket 60
BBI 4/46
Average 5011
Economic 5.57
Strict rate 53.9


13th                   Most runs in an innings (by batting position) (108)
2nd                   Highest career strike rate (124.98)
3rd                    Highest strike rate in an innings (355.55)
22nd                  Most nineties in a career (5)
25th                   Most sixes in a career (128)
2nd                    Most catches in an innings (4)
16th                   Most catch in a series (11)
25th                   Highest partnership for the fifth wicket (160)
27th                   Highest partnership for the sixth wicket (134)
28th                   Worst career bowling average (50.11)


   Maxwell is a hitter batsman in t20 cricket. He plays as a game-changer player.

Session 2012-2022
Matches 98
Innings 90
Runs 2159
Not out 14
Highest score  145
Average 28.40
Strict rate 150.97
100s 3
50s 10
0s 3
4s 176
6s 106
Session 2012-2012
Matches 98
Innings 66
Overs 141.1
Mdns 0
Runs 1076
Wicket 39
BBI 3/10
Average 27.58
Economic 7.46
Strict rate 21.1
16th                  Most run in a career (2159)
4th                   Most runs in an innings (145*)
48th                 Most run in a calendar year (506)
2nd                   Most runs in an innings (by batting position) (113*)
25th                  Highest career strike rate (150.97)
21st                   Most fifties in a career (13)
7th                   Fifties in consecutive innings (3)
10th                  Most consecutive innings without a duck (61)
24th                 Fewest ducks in a career (30)
11th                  Most sixes in a career (106)
25th                  Most fours in a career (176)
23rd                  Most sixes in an innings (9)
6th                    Most fours in an innings (14)
5th                    Most runs from fours and sixes in an innings (110)
32nd                  Longest individual innings (by balls) (65)
22nd                  Fastest to 1000 runs (36)
15th                    Fastest to 2000 runs (78)
28th                   Bowler/batters combinations (3)
19th                   Most catches in a career (41)
44th                  Highest partnership for the third wicket (109)
48th                  Highest partnership for the fourth wicket (99*)
28th                  Highest partnership for the seventh wicket (59)
23rd                  Most matches in a career (98)
25th                  Most player-of-the-match awards (7)
3rd                     Most player-of-the-series awards (4)


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