How to bat in cricket( top 10 Techniques)


There are two types of batsmen in cricket, right-hand batsmen, and left-hand batsmen. The technique is the same for every batsman. Every batsman tries to bat well but Proper technique is needed for that. If you want to be a good batsman then you need to know what techniques.

 How do you grieve the bat?

You have to hold the bat in such a way that the middle of the hand and the middle of the bat are in the same straight line. This allows you to play straight at bat. 

How do grieven the bat
grieve the bat


How to stand?

  You must stand side by side on the leg stump. The tip of the foot should be in the same straight line Or you can put the front leg lightly on the back.

How to stand for batting
batting stance


How much space is between the two legs?

     Keep the gap between your legs just as wide as your body.

Space between two leg for battting
space between two leg


Body weight will be on any foot?

    Your body weight must be placed on the front legs. Bodyweight will be on the bones of the foot, Not on the toes, and not on the heels.

 How to hold any hand?

You have to tighten your top hand and loosen your bottom hand.

If you are a right-hand batsman, the left hand will be your top hand, and the right hand will be your bottom hand.


If you are a left-hand batsman, the right hand will be your top hand, and the left hand will be your bottom hand.

You must keep the elbow of the top hand towards the bowler.

 How to keep the head, knees, and legs?

Your head will be on the shoulders of the top hand. The head, knees, and toes should be kept in the same straight line. 

Batting stance for batting
batting stance


How to follow the ball?

You have to aim the bowler’s hand, That hand is holding the ball. And you have to keep a close eye on the ball, When will the ball be released from his hands, And you have to be ready to play.

You have to take a step to play. And when to take that step?

When the bowler jumps the ball to release, Then you should not stand. You have to take a step to play the ball(Take the step at your own convenience). But you must step up a bit. This will cause your front foot to move toward the ball. 

How to play?

You have to keep an eye on where the ball is falling. Accordingly, you have to move your front foot towards the ball and play, And your hind legs will be in one place.


How to transfer body weight on the ball?

When you move your legs forward to play, First the heels of the feet will touch the ground, And then you have to play with the knee band.

     If you play without a knee band, your body weight will not be transferred to the ball.


I hope you have learned a lot, You must practice more at home. You can play well if you continue to practice.

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