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       Kane Williamson’s full name is Kane Stuart Williamson. He is a right-handed batsman who played for the New Zealand National cricket team. He is also captain of the New Zealand cricket team. He plays well in all format tests ODI and T20. 

kane williamson
Kane williamson


    Kane Williamson was born on 8 August 1990, in Tauranga, New Zealand. His height is 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m).


    Kane Williamson’s wife is Sara Rahim. She worked in a hospital in New Zealand. Kane Williamson saw the Kiwi star undergoing treatment there. She immediately fell in love with KANE WILLIAMSON, and they exchanged numbers and soon started dating.

   Kane Williamson is not married officially but was in a relationship with Kiwi captain Sara Rahim for over five years. They started dating in 2015. The couple first appeared in public at Tauranga Beach in New Zealand.

  They never publicly admitted their relationship and kept it a secret. However, Williamson announced the arrival of their newborn daughter on her social media account on 16 December 2020. 


   Kane Williamson’s father’s name is Brett Williamson. He belonged to a big sports family. Brett Williamson himself had a dream of becoming a cricketer. He played for the Northern Districts Under-17 team. Unfortunately, Brett was unable to fulfill his dream due to the poor condition of his cornea.

 Kane Williamson’s mother’s name is Sandra Williamson. In her younger days, she was a top basketball player.

    Kane Williamson has three elder sisters. Their names are Anna, Sophie, and Kylie.
All three of his sisters were skilled in sports. All three played for the national age-group volleyball team.

  Kane Williamson has a twin brother. His name is Logan. Kane was born just minutes before Logan. Ken’s only brother, Logan, works as one of his accountants.


   Kane Williamson played senior representative cricket at the age of 14 and first-class cricket at the age of 16. He studied at Tauranga Boys College from 2004 to 2008. He was the head boy there in his final year.

   Williamson played for Northern Districts in 2007 as a 17-year-old.  At the age of 17, Williamson captained the New Zealand Under-19 team and led the New Zealand Under-19 team to the 2008 World Cup in Malaysia. New Zealand lost the match to India in the semi-finals. On 24 March 2010.


    Williamson was selected in the New Zealand Test squad for the second Test against Australia but ultimately did not play in the match. Williamson was selected for the One Day International against India on 10 August 2010. He was out for zero runs off the 9th ball. In his second match, he was bowled out by Angelo Mathews for zero runs on the second ball. He scored his first ODI century against Bangladesh in Dhaka on 14 October 2010 and It was the youngest century in New Zealand cricket history. And from there, his cricket career started.


 Kane Williamson played in all former tests, ODI and T20. He is one of the most popular cricketers in the world. Also, he has many records on international crickets. The records are as follows..


Session 2010-2022
Matches 88
Innings 154
Runs 7368
Not out 14
Highest score  251
Average 52.62
Strict rate 51.24
100s 24
50s 33
0s 9
4s 118
6s 17
POSITION                  RECORDS
46th                           Most runs in a career is 7368
39th                            Most run in a match is 311
48th                           Most run on a single ground is 1238
21st                            Most run in an innings by a captain is 251
25th                           Highest career batting average is 52.62
24th                           Most hundreds in a career are 24.
17th                            Most double hundreds in a career are 4
21st                            Most hundreds in a calendar year is 5.
21st                            Hundreds in consecutive matches is 3.
28th                           Youngest player to score a hundred on 20y 88d.
35th                           Most fifties in a career is 57.
47th                           Most fours in a career are 818.
27th                           Fastest to 4000 runs of 89 matches.
30th                           Fastest to 5000 runs of 110 matches.
16th                           Fastest to 6000 runs of 12 matches.
13th                            Fastest to 7000 runs of 144 matches.
29th                           Highest partnership for any wicket is 369 runs.
38th                           Highest partnership for the third wicket is 265runs.
7th                             Highest partnership for the fourth wicket is 369 runs.
2nd                            Highest partnership for the sixth wicket is 365runs.
33rd                           Most player-of-the-match awards for 9 times.
28th                           Most match as captain 40 times.
33rd                           Most consecutive matches as captain of a team  25times.


Session 2010-2022
Matches 155
Innings 148
Runs 6296
Not out 14
Highest score  148
Average 46.98
Strict rate 80.86
100s 13
50s 39
0s 5
4s 572
6s 50
POSITION                  RECORDS
40th                          Most run in a series is 578.
19th                           Most runs in a calendar year is 1376.
10th                           Most run in a series by a captain is 578.
23rd                          Most run in an innings by a captain is 148.
25th                           Highest career batting average is 46.98
35th                           Most hundreds in a career s 13.
19th                           Youngest player to score a hundred of the age 20y 67d.
6th                             Most nineties in their career is 7.
48th                           Most fifties in career are 52.
3rd                             Fifties in consecutive innings are 6.
47th                           Most consecutive innings without a duck are 63*
38th                           Fewest ducks in career 29.6
25th                           Fastest to 2000 runs in 54matches.
10th                           Fastest to 3000 runs in 73 matches.
10th                            Fastest to 4000 runs in  96 matches.
9th                             Fastest to 5000 runs in 119 matches.
3rd                             Fastest to 6000 runs in139 matches.
27th                           Highest partnership for the third wicket is 206 runs.
19th                           Most player-of-the-series awards are 5 times.
31st                            Most matches as captain of 81 times.
8th                            youngest captain of the age 21y 332d.


Session 2011-2022
Matches 86
Innings 84
Runs 2403
Not out 11
Highest score  95
Average 32.91
Strict rate 123.16
100s 0
50s 16
0s 4
4s 226
6s 55
POSITION                  RECORDS
13th                           Most run in a career is 2403.
24th                           Most runs in an innings (by batting position) is 95.
46th                           Most runs in a match on the losing side is 85.
21st                           Most run in an innings by a captain is 95.
43rd                          Highest career batting average is 32.91
11th                           Most fifties in a career is 16.
40th                          Fewest ducks in a career are 21.
11th                           Most fours in a career are 226.
49th                           Most fours in an innings are 11.
2nd                            Highest percentage of runs in a completed inning (70.00)
14th                           Fastest to 1000 runs (34)
10th                           Fastest to 2000 runs (72)
19th                           Most catches in a career (41)
20th                          Most catch in an innings (3)
11th                           Highest partnership for the fourth wicket (124)
36th                          Highest partnership for the fifth wicket (81*)
27th                           Most match in a career (86)
4th                              Most matches as captain (68)
16th                            Youngest captains (21y 328d)
36th                            Most consecutive matches as captain of a team (20)
13th                            Winning all tosses in a series (3)


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