How to fastball in cricket

There are two types of bowlers in cricket, pace bowler and spinner.

  What do you need to know to do pace ball?

             Different bowlers may have different bowling actions but everything you need to know to make a pace ball.

How much will you run for the fastball? 

             Take the run-up so much that it will be easier for you to bowl.

 Step to run

             Before running with the ball in hand each bowler has different steps. You will run in the steps you like to run.

 How to run

              Your running time should be smooth. First slowly then gradually increase the speed of your run.


     You need to make a jump from outside the popping pitch before releasing the ball. Your jump must be sidewise.

              If you are a right-handed bowler then you have to jump on the left foot. And If you are a left-handed bowler then you have to jump on the right foot.

  Follow through

             After jumping, first, your front foot will land on the ground and then release the ball.  

  How to release the ball?

               The whole body weight should be placed on the feet while releasing the ball. Keep the legs, body, and arms in the same straight line. The head should not fall. The ball has to be released using the whole solder.

   How to target the ball?

      When releasing the ball, you need to aim at where the ball will be thrown on the pitch. The other hand with which you release the ball will be your target hand. Your target hand will be straight on the pitch where you throw the ball and Your eyes will be there.

   How to finish your bowling action?

      After releasing the ball you have to finish your run toward the outside of the pitch. Because the umpire can watch the batsmen. You have to finish your run on the site of the pitch with the site of the wicket.


        I hope you have learned a lot about fastball, You must practice more at home. You can play well if you continue to practice.

Thank you…………

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